StreetRacer 1.31

Race car game that allows you to truly experience the road

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    Racing games

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8

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    6.9 (7)

StreetRacer is a top-down racing game with dozens of unique tracks and cars. This a great title for those who enjoy classic top-down race games like Excessive Speed, Micro Machines Turbo Tournament, and Absolute Drift. Even though this isn’t a realistic racing game, it is sure to entertain car enthusiasts for hours. Once you have mastered the controls, you can enter competitive tournaments that pit you against advanced computer drivers. Every time you win a race, you are going to earn skill points that let you unlock new cars and upgrades.

The biggest drawback of this game is the overhead camera, but most people will get used to that angle after the first few matches. When you first start racing, the game will guide you through a short tutorial that teaches you basic controls and mechanics. You also have the option of using onscreen prompts that warn you about sharp turns and upcoming obstacles. While this game might seem confusing at first, you will quickly find yourself drifting through the tracks like a professional racer.

StreetRacer is an easy game for those who are new to the genre. After you have completed the tutorial, you should be able to accelerate, turn, hit the brakes, and slide around corners. One of the most difficult aspects of this game is getting used to the onscreen prompts. Red arrows will occasionally pop up, and those icons tell you which way you must turn. Unfortunately, timing those turns is easier said than done. Until you are used to the prompts, you should be ready to hit the occasional wall or car.

This title has a map overlay that helps you navigate your way through each track as well. The map shows you all of the nearby side streets as well as directions for the main course. It also has small icons for all of the other cars that you are racing, and that further adds to the suspense. As the game gets more difficult, you will need to absorb all of that information in the blink of an eye if you want to keep ahead of your competitors.

For those who enjoy older top-down racing games, StreetRacer is going to be a great download. The intuitive and responsive controls are easy to master, and beating each individual tournament with all of the available cars will provide you with hours of entertainment.


  • Controls can easily be mastered
  • Well-balanced tracks and vehicles
  • Great game for beginners


  • Repetitive sound effects and soundtrack
  • Top-down camera might disorient some players
  • Outdated graphics

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